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Jalal’s ART TRIP, was established in 2008 by Emirati Artist and Art Consultant Jalal Luqman.

As a way to give back to the community, he established this grass roots initiative to work hand in hand with the UAE’s vision to make the UAE an Arts and Culture capital on a global scale.

Alongside the huge government projects in the country, Jalal in his own capacity created the trip to take 10-15 participants on an experience where they would visit a location, then attend workshops lead by Jalal Luqman to help them create a piece of art inspired by the trip and finally to have the resulting artwork displayed in a show or an exhibition, all at absolutely no cost to the participants.

Jalal’s Art Trip comes in 3 integral parts;

  1. The Trip: Participants are taken on a trip to a place where they will be inspired.

  2. The Workshops: Jalal Luqman will run between 3 to 6 workshops, teaching and guiding the participants to prepare an artwork, or a body of work inspired by the trip.

  3. A public art exhibition or show where the participants will display the resulting artwork or body of work to the public, with the option to sell their work.​

Since its conception, Jalal’s Art Trip has taken its participants to Hatta, Margham, Jazirat Al Hamra, Musaffah, Al Ain and Sir Banyas Island. Many of my participants have gone on to become professional artists or professionals in the art and culture field, supporting our national initiative to become an art and culture capital on a global scale.

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